Where do you run when you’re scared? Some people run to their liquor cabinet, some run to other’s arms, some just run. Unfortunately, in our running, we sometimes run to sin. Where do you run when you’re scared?

Admittedly, I’m running. Running in circles, it seems. I can’t break the cycle on my own so, I pray. I pray that God reaches deep within me to break the chains that have me hooked to this cycle. I’m still a baby in my faith, but I know that the bible says that faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains (see Matthew 17:20). How does that make you feel? I’m grateful for that. But how do we move mountains when it feels like the mountain that needs to be moved is deep within you? Where do you run? How do you stop? How do you pray? What do you do? I’m learning to lean into God and read His words. God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). There’s something else to be grateful for because God’s mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23).

I don’t want to run to sin and I don’t want to keep running in circles. I want to live, so I run to you. I pray that my sins be washed away and that I be reborn new everyday to try again. I pray this for you today too. I pray that you run to His arms and wash yourself with his word every morning and are reminded of who loves you! Thank you Lord!


Not Too Old

I’m learning about women in the bible, their stories and how no story is new business for God. I often question if I’m too old to be doing something or if I’m too something to start something else. Am I too late to be a part? Have I missed my chance? Well, according to God, I’m not too old and neither are you.

This brings me to the story of Sarah. She struggled with God’s promise to give her and Abraham a son. She was chronologically old, at 90, and definitely past our modern idea of “too old” (Genesis 17:15-19, 18:13-15, 21:6-7).  Well past her child bearing years, she and Abraham were faithful and not too old for God. She was NOT TOO OLD FOR GOD! Not too old to be used by God, to show His power and create a story of redemption. How great is that? Knowing that you’re not late because God does things in His time and He’s never too late. He’s right on time!

Thank you Lord for watching over me and letting me know that I’m not too old for you. I’m not too anything for you and you are bigger than me. You are bigger than this world.


You Just Wait

Wait, wait, wait….

Sometimes we think that God said, “No”. But like the children that we are, we have to accept that sometimes we don’t get a hurried yes or no answer. Sometimes we receive a, “wait”. Sometimes, it’s a, you need to go through something first or someone else needs to go through a pruning or maybe you need to go through some growing. It’s amazing how God works and I can’t even begin to think that I understand. But what I DO (or think I do) understand is that while I’m growing in my own faith the word -wait- comes  to mind with every prayer I pray.

It comes with everything that I question from, why are some of the most beautiful flowers so delicate…I love orchids and magnolias but I can’t exactly cut them and admire them anytime I want. I have to let them be and admire them while they’re there. I have to wait for them in anticipation to bloom and take them in without hurting them when I can. I take the photos, I take in the aromas, I take in the beauty and the velvety feel and appreciate the delicate nature of these flowers. That’s how I see the things that God has for us today when he asks us to wait. Waiting isn’t a curse but a preparation. It’s a phase that leads us into another season that allows us to take in some of the most beautiful things that we would’ve missed or unappreciated had we not been patient and waited.

Lord give us the wisdom and strength to be graceful as we wait on You to show us the beauty that you have for us on the other side of our wait. Let us keep our eyes on you and all that you are and not forget all the beauty that you unfold as we wait.

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. Psalm 27:14


Tonight’s Prayer

I didn’t get to sleep on time tonight and I found myself writing something that seemed to turn into a prayer. It’s definitely something that I do a lot of on my own but I find that it may be time to start sharing what I write. I hope that this finds someone who needs to hear these words and understands that there is no formula to pray; look through the book of Psalms. I just can’t get enough and I know there’s a lot more to read and learn but this is where I am right now…grated raw and full of thanks because I have faith that there is a healing that comes after.

Father, Jesus, thank you for providing for me. Thank you for providing for my family, for those who I love and for those who I have touched today with your presence. Thank you for providing completely. Completely with favor, forgiveness, kindness, protection and boundless love. Help me to continue to focus on the completeness of your works in me, around me, through me and through others all around! Move my eyes away from any lack I find in my life and cover it with your love. Remind me of your fullness and your grace and please don’t let me ever forget. You’re THAT BIG!! Thank you for today, God. I am grateful, thank you for holding me through my day and bringing me here. Please God do it again, like a child asking her Father; please do it again. I bring it all to you and I pray that you…do it all again. I love you more and more everyday. Thank you!


Do You Know The Truth?

Do you know the truth about God? How about yourself? Do you know that you are unconditionally loved? Do you know that God has a plan for you, that to Him you are worth it, always. Do you wake up in the morning believing the devil’s lies? Turn it around and take it to God’s word and seek the TRUTH. If seeing is believing you’ll find it in the bible. But I have to remind you that we walk by faith not by sight. Take notes on your life and remember that there’s much to be thankful for.

The truth about you, the whole truth. That God sent his one and only son, Jesus, to earth to live as a man among men and to die for our sins (John 3:16). To wipe our slates clean, to open our hearts, to make everyday brand new. That’s pretty amazing! Give your life to Him everyday and allow Him to transform you.

2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”


The Biggest Little Step

Laying At the Foot of Christ

Forgiveness is HARD!

You read that right…IT’S HARD!

In the world, freedom is being free from chains or something physical that holds you down. In God’s world it’s learning how to forgive.To truly forgive. Things like anger, bitterness and apathy become your chains. They hold down your soul. Do you even know what that means…Bet you thought you did but alas, you didn’t and that’s why you’re still reading. There’s clearly a duality between a life in Christ and a life in the world that often times goes unnoticed. I know that I didn’t really understand this battle until now and I can’t even pretend that I truly understand it (and I’m not trying to understand). Now, watch me try.

Forgiveness is hard. It’s harder than anything you can imagine especially when someone has transgressed against you in a way that seems unforgivable. Whether their intentions were pure or they were outright selfish and meaning harm, forgiveness sets you on a path to freedom. BUT…it comes with a price.

Forgiveness is sometimes generalized as condonation and that you just sweep everything under the rug kind of like a reset button. Nope, not it (touching nose). Sometimes it’s a reason to go back into a situation that harbored the problem because it’s familiar. Again, not it. Sometimes it’s justification to just ignore what’s happened and become hardened and “move on.” Again close, but not really close. Because that’s not it. See what I mean?

Forgiveness is a process that you go through to not let the terrible things that hurt you keep hurting you and impose on the future that God has planned for you. You make the decision to allow God to radically change you and He does it. Sounds simple right? No, not simple. Go back to sentences 1 & 2. Re-read them as many times as you need to and meet me back here. Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you scroll…

Nice to see you back. So, to be clear…IT’S HARD!

And here’s why!

Remember that price tag. That’s what you have to pay. And you know how sales people always wait to tell you how much it costs for that thing that you really, truly want? Yeah, well here it is. The price is LIFE! That’s pretty cheap. But here’s why. Jesus already died for our sins so you don’t have to. You’re already forgiven in the eyes of the Lord. BUT, you have to go to Him and tell Him your sins. Tell him every single one and allow your old self to be released before Him. You have to trust Him to build you back up completely new. How amazing is that!?! Just check out the Book of John. That’s a wonderful story of transformation and restoration. How about the story of David? It’s AMAZING! I tell you what, if this is the price that has to be paid to be free then, be all in. Put your life at the foot of the cross and watch God move in your life. Be transformed into something new and shine that new light. Thank you Lord for your amazing grace!

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 

The Battle of Self and Submission

Intelligence vs Wisdom

Have you ever sat with your hands closed together asking God to grant you wisdom? I have and I do, almost everyday. I’ve come to the realization that intelligence is knowing where to go because you’ve been there before but wisdom is accepting that you might not know the way as clearly the second time and knowing when to stop and ask because you’re lost.


It’s in the places that we’re lost that we do the most damage to ourselves. It’s smart to keep things moving but what if you’re just getting yourself deeper and deeper into trouble? Well then, it would be wise to stop and rethink, reframe, ask God and then move.


See we can read maps all day and night but even the greatest of maps has errors. They can be confusing and what happens if the map gets lost or damaged. See that’s what happens in our lives. We carry maps that things happen to. But for many of us we don’t dawn the one all knowing GPS over our lives. Jesus! He’s the answer. He keeps us on track, but we have to trust Him.


However, I struggle in those same moments with the intelligence that I have acquired from reading books and from the innate curiosity that God has gifted me. Unfortunately, all the books in the world don’t guarantee that you will gain wisdom but you will have a worldly understanding of things that happen in this experience on Earth. Intelligence is something that can be acquired. It’s pretty easy really. You don’t think so? Go pick up a book from the library on how to learn HTML. I wouldn’t doubt that you’d be intelligent enough to learn to create a square of text and make it move around the page in just a couple hours. See, that’s your intelligence at work right there. Conversely, wisdom isn’t that simple. You can’t gain wisdom from a book. It requires submission, turning off your intelligence and listening to the words that God has placed on your life and for you to act on it…everyday. Then, ask for forgiveness when you don’t. That takes more than some are willing to give in order to grow into that place; discipline, faith, selflessness, letting go. Growing in Jesus means letting go of the world and replacing it all with faith. Intelligence is controllable whereas wisdom is not.




Today we’re starting new. All over again. I’m not really ready to tell my story because it’s still pretty raw and far from taking it’s course to where I can speak on it gracefully. But I can assure you that God is working in me to get there. I can say that He is moving me to give myself permission. Permission to live; to live under His hand and under His reign. Permission to listen to his words, to read them daily and to forfeit all the things this world has so offered me. It’s moved me to consider that I need to also give myself permission everyday to do all the things that God is calling me to do without apology and without asking anyone else for permission.


Today, I give myself permission to love God loudly and openly. To praise Him not just in private but in the world!



Grace of Wisdom – Letting Go

Isn’t it amazing how God uses the seasons to show us how beautiful life can be?  We experienced the most beautiful season of the year with its gorgeous and breathtaking colours.  But we serve a God who tells the trees when it’s time for them to let go.  The trees showed us how lovely it is to let dead things go.  The fall season can be lovely, but some people dread it because after fall comes boring cold winter.  Winter has a part to play because after winter comes spring when you get new life and energy.

We have to be like the trees and stop hanging onto stuff and to recognize and praise the glorious beauty of this miracle.  After we let go, we stand dormant for a while, waiting still and silent as winter.  But while we’re waiting, we know that spring will come rushing back with new blooms and new promises and new mercies and new life.

Sometimes we have to let go of the past so we can live fully in the present.  We need to embrace change so we can live an exciting, abundant and blessed happy life.  We often resist change, but change is all around us.